Friday, 10 March 2017


25 March 2016

I would like to announce there is no truth to the rumour that I have been seen returning to Bed Bath & Table on more than one occasion to stock up on yet more rabbity paraphernalia from their Easter display. There is also no veracity to the suggestion that the reason for these (alleged) repeat visits is that, due to my excessively advanced years, I am unable to remember previous visits for longer than approximately 30 minutes. (The chocolate coloured rabbit, if memory serves me correctly, is not a recent purchase, but is nonetheless decorative from any angle). 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


20 March 2016

Etoile Filante is discovering that the art of taking good chicken selfies is one that requires practice. She has found it especially hard to avoid the appearance of turkey neck. 

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Reality bites

3 March 2016

Thank you Service NSW – my loss of self-esteem at your hands is now complete. Following on from the Great Driver’s Licence debacle, which saw me issued with a photo licence that records in devastatingly accurate detail each wrinkle, line and multiple under-eye bags, I ventured back to Service NSW today. My mission was to purchase a new, shiny Opal card. I entered, confident in the knowledge that no cameras and images recorded for posterity would be involved. I was greeted by a friendly, smiling Service NSW lady, who enquired how she could help me. I replied I wanted an Opal card. Quick as a flash she was ready with her next helpful question “Adult or Senior?”….I valiantly tried to keep a smile as I responded with a subdued “Adult”, and hoped I was only imagining an expression of incredulity that appeared to flicker across her face. 

Friday, 3 March 2017

Bunny branding bias

27 February 2016 

As the long-term self-appointed CEO at Joyfallee, Chocolate Bunny decided the branding needs updating and determined that all things Bunny should be the order of the day. He has unfortunately been heavily influenced by public service departments, where branding and logos, with their accompanying War and Peace sized style guides, seem to change at approximately weekly intervals. Choccy examined and approved the latest bunny motif which is to be incorporated on all Joyfallee crockery forthwith. He does admit to becoming a little distracted, and ultimately swayed in his choice of logo, by the discovery of rolled oats in the demonstration model. 

Monday, 27 February 2017

Episode 2: Driver’s licence renewal for the elderly

17 February 2016

Having come to terms with the fact that my incredible age renders me ineligible for a 10 year driver’s licence, I venture into Services NSW to complete the (rather short 5 year) renewal. The quick and friendly service are an unexpected joy. It is only at the picture taking stage that the cold hand of reality taps on my shoulder. When I wittily quip to the helpful service person that I hope he has taken a good picture (this is probably the 305th time he has heard this today, but he retains his composure and smile) he assures me that it is and offers to show me on the screen. The face that greets me surely belongs to 1. A serial killer and  2. A person of such advanced age that they couldn’t be trusted to live much beyond 6 months…leaving me reluctantly to agree with the policy of 5 year maximum licence. If I manage, against the odds, to survive to the next licence renewal, I might ask if it’s possible to have the ID picture taken while wearing very large and very dark glasses.. and possibly a paper bag.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Advanced years

16 February 2016

Filling out my driver's licence renewal and see that the 10 year option that I was going to take up is only available for sprightly folk under 44 years of age......sigh....feeling very old.

Yes, it would appear that, according to Roads and Maritime, the likelihood of living, or being capable of driving, past 54 is questionable at best. The questions about riding offences also had me a little confused about the correct answers because, if my dressage scores are anything to go by, I am a serial offender, and probably should not be issued with a licence of any kind. Off now to check out deals on local nursing homes that will accept the odd house rabbit and exceptionally large 4 legged friends, and exceptionally feathery two legged ones.

Friday, 24 February 2017